Basic ICT and Computer Training for Kids in Abuja Nigeria

This Basic ICT and Computer Training for Kids in Abuja Nigeria is a practical hands-on training where your kids are taken from scratch— from the very beginning of ICT and computer training.


Today’s world revolves around technology, so computer skills have become a necessity. You probably have one or more computers in your house, digital audio equipment, computerized appliances, handheld devices and much more.

Children grow up watching their parents, older siblings, and teachers type on a computer keyboard and wield a mouse.

Technology is a huge part of our lives, but it’s changing quickly, so figuring out how to teach kids computer basics can be a challenge.

Computer Training for Kids: What They Should Know

Pretty much the only way we can interact with a computer (barring the touch-screen ones) is by using either the keyboard or the mouse. So it’s important that kids learn keyboard and mouse skills as early as possible.

How to move the mouse, to control the cursor, the difference between a left-click and right-click, proper typing position (hand placement, etc.), different key groups (number keys, letter keys, special keys), and how to use keyboard shortcuts are just some examples of computer basics for kids.

Basic Keyboard Skills

Basic Computer Mouse Skills

Basic Computer Software Skills

Safe and Productive Internet Use

Here are some computer programs your kids will be familiar with.

Your kids will learn how to use Microsoft Office Packages in a practical hands-on way

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Powersoft

Internet Browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.)

Google Apps (especially Google Docs and Google Drive)

File Storage Programs (like Windows File Explorer)

These computer programs will teach your kids necessary computer skills like:

How to drag + drop files

How to rename folders

How to share files

How to create and save new word documents

How to print word documents

How to access the internet

Like it or not, the internet is now a crucial part of our daily lives. Computer literacy involves more than just knowing how to work with computers; it involves knowing how to access the internet to find – and verify – information.

ICT for kids Training Programs

Do phones count as computers? What about voice-activated assistants? When should you sit down and teach a child how to use an actual PC?

Thanks to technology, your child is probably already familiar with computers. The changing nature of computers means that kids’ first introduction to computers isn’t a laptop or desktop anymore.

If you’ve ever handed a young child your phone, or if your kid has ever asked Alexa to play a song, they’ve interacted with a computer.

Computers play a huge role in our everyday lives, and now more than ever, it’s important that computer basics are provided for kids, what computers can do and how technology can be helpful.

From learning how to type to creating programs from scratch by writing code, the possibilities are endless. Learning computer skills can be a lot of fun for kids, too.

Computers have several different parts that all work together, and kids may already know what some of them are and what they do. When you’re typing, you’re using the keyboard.

The mouse is what makes it possible to move the cursor around the screen. And what you’re looking at is the monitor. Inside, there are electrical parts that make up the central processing unit, also called the CPU, along with the basic input/output system called the BIOS.

Computers remember information using random-access memory, also known as RAM. The operating system, like Windows or macOS, is what controls the computer and tells it what to do and when.


Computers can be introduced to your child between the ages of 3 and 6. You might want to start your child on educational programs. Young children should not be using a computer or learning online without keen supervision.

Ever wondered about your kid being a computer science wiz. This is an opportunity for you. This practical hands-on training course is for kids who want to understand in simple language fundamentals and the basics behind computers.

Practical hands-on ICT and Computer training for kids

Introducing kids and teens to the opportunities in the digital age

Computer basics are the foundation of computer literacy. Knowledge of the basics plus and correct application will lead to more extensive uses and processes later on.

Thorough and extensive training on the basics of computers can change a lot about your kids if handled by instructors with the mastery of the subject which is what we offer.

Is your child ready to learn the basics of coding while playing fun games? Enroll them in practical hands-on training today!

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