Summer Holidays ICT and coding Classes for kids in Abuja Nigeria

Don’t let your kids waste their summer holidays

Our summer camp and holiday ICT and coding for kids training in Abuja Nigeria has been designed in a practical way to teach children from scratch. This summer holiday  ICT and coding Bootcamp training for Kids and Youths is practical hands-on training with 80% practical and 10% theory.

ICT and Computer skills are required and needed by every child no matter the career they may want in the future.

Giving the young ones a strong footing in ICT and digital skills will not just help them in their  higher education, but will be an added advantage that will broaden the choices they make in life with more opportunities

kids-and-tech-coding-and-robotics-training-in-Abuja-Nigeria, Summer Holidays ict and coding Classes for kids in Abuja Nigeria

Register your kids in our summer and holiday ICT and Computer training for kids in Abuja Nigeria and see how our professional trainers impact practical ict and computer knowledge to them.

The truth is that we live in a digital age so its has become so important that kids learn digital skills like basic ict skills, coding, robotics, website design, graphics design, video editing.

Available summer and holiday ICT and coding for kids Training Courses

Is there an age limit for students?

Our Summer Holidays ICT and coding Classes for kids in Abuja Nigeria is for kids aged 4 to 18. We believe it is essential to encourage kids to develop STEM skills at a young age and instill an enthusiasm for learning. Its structured for the kids to have fun while learning

What makes Kids and tech Summer Holidays ICT and coding Classes for kids in Nigeria unique?

First, our training is practical hands-on where we pay attention to each child’s needs. There are several Summer Holidays ICT and coding Classes for kids that you may be considering for your child. At Kids and tech, our focus is on building up your kid’s STEM skills while in school. We have seen how children grow in confidence and capability through our after-school ICT and programs.

Let your kids have fun while learning during the summer and holiday seasons

Kids and Tech Nigeria empowers youth to seize the technology opportunities of their future. We enable kids and teens to create a wonderful future for themselves using technology during the summer and holiday seasons

Enroll your kids in our summer and holiday ICT and robotics and Coding for kids classes in Abuja Nigeria

Computer programming, basic computer skills, robotics, website design skills and digital skills, in general, have become an important part of our life, its clear that things like Mobile Apps, web Apps, Computer games, robot etc are now part of our everyday activities and children are not left behind.

Internet, computers and ICT will control almost everything we do in the future. Very soon, these things are going to be in our everyday lives, ICT FOR KIDS and computer training for kids are things parents need to pay attention to. The aim of our summer and holiday training for kids is to help children fall in love with ICT and Computer, It will introduce them to computer and digital skills, coding for kids, website design, Microsoft office packages, graphics design, and Internet and social media safety for kids

Kids & Tech Summer camp and holiday ICT and computer training will feature a lot of awesome activities ranging from Robotics and IOT, Coding and programming, animation, game design, website design, graphics design, applied science and so much more.

Participants will be introduced to the programming concepts during the holiday camp. They will learn to use these concepts to solve real-life problems. they will learn coding from scratch and build robots. They will also learn basic web development using HTML, CSS, and javascript to build web pages and graphics design.