After School computer and coding classes for kids in Abuja Nigeria

Fun and engaging after school ICT and coding programs that promote learning for your kids

After School Classes for kids> Our After School ICT and coding Classes for kids in Abuja Nigeria is a practical hands-on training that helps kids and teens to be engaged in technology during the school period.

We offer a wide variety of creativity-inspiring after-school ICT and coding programs for kids to learn about technology. By participating in our classes, workshops, and camps, children and young adults are able to experience and master new technologies.

After School computer and coding  classes for kids in Abuja Nigeria

Giving the young ones a strong footing in ICT and digital skills will not just help them in their  higher education, but will be an added advantage that will broaden the choices they make in life with more opportunities

We teach them computer science basics, coding, graphics,  video-making, robotics, electronics, and a number of other science-related subjects in a fun, relaxed environment in Abuja Nigeria, or through our online training using zoom.

In addition to learning about technology, our students end up making lasting friendships and building self-esteem. They collaborate on awesome projects, which they share with classmates, friends, and the community. So, let your kids create and express themselves, let them learn to code, and let them code to learn.

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Available After-School computer and coding classes for kids in Abuja Nigeria.

At Kids and Tech’s After School Classes for kids, we help children uncover the excitement and adventure in the world of science, technology, engineering, and math— STEM. We offer various programs that develop children’s creativity and boost their STEM skills, all the while having FUN.

From budding robotics engineers and future software designers to potential video and motion graphics experts or even just kids who want to participate in fun after-school activities—Kids & Tech has something for everyone.

Why Do Parents Love Our After School Classes for kids?

Keeping kids busy and engaged can be a challenge. With our hands-on classes, camps, and workshops, you’ll know that your kids are not only learning valuable STEM skills, but they are having fun while doing it!

Our After School ICT and coding Classes for kids in Abuja Nigeria is more than just an after-school STEM program. It’s a place where your kids can explore and discover in a safe and structured environment. We want to help children expand their social skills, academic expertise, and problem-solving skills so they can build a bright future.

Is there an age limit for students?

Our After School ICT and coding Classes for kids in Abuja Nigeria is for kids aged 4 to 18. We believe it is essential to encourage kids to develop STEM skills at a young age and instill an enthusiasm for learning. It’s structured for the kids to have fun while learning

What makes Kids and tech After School ICT and coding Classes for kids  unique?

First, After School Classes for kids in Abuja Nigeria, our training is practical hands-on where we pay attention to each child’s needs. There are several after-school programs that you may be considering for your child. At Kids and tech, our focus is on building up your kid’s STEM skills while in school. We have seen how children grow in confidence and capability through our after-school ICT and programs.

So what are you waiting for register your kids in our After School Classes for kids and watch how we help your kids to becomes tech leaders of tomorrow.