Game Development Training for Kids in Abuja Nigeria.

This Game Development Training for Kids in Abuja Nigeria will turn your children from game players to game developers in Nigeria. Register for our practical hands-on game development training today and see your kids do wonders with their laptops

Game Development Training for Kids in Abuja Nigeria.

Game development is the process of developing a video game. The effort is undertaken by a developer, ranging from a single person to an international team dispersed across the globe.

 Game Development has no restriction of age and that is the reason it is a skill that can be learned by both young and old.

What if instead of just playing games and watching TV, your kids could actually make and develop their own games and animated stories?

It is beautiful right…

My Child Wants to Make a Video Game: Where to Start?

Game Development Training for Kids in Abuja Nigeria.

Most kids in Nigeria love playing video games, and some of them will even go on to express an interest in making a game themselves. This could result in your child becoming a professional video game designer; which is a great career to have!

But many parents in Nigeria don’t know the first place to start when their child tells them they want to make a video game or to learn game development. From the outside looking in, video game design can appear to be a highly technical and specialist world, which possibly has lots of barriers to entry.

Whilst video game design is certainly technical, there are now apps, tools, and even courses that make it easier than ever for kids to develop their own creations. This Game Development Training for Kids in Abuja Nigeria will show your kids the best way to become a game developer

So, if your child does want to make a video game and you don’t know where to start, here’s a quick introduction.

We’ll start off with some games they can play which involve elements of customization, then some games kids can create themselves, plus some more advanced tools. These offer a great roadmap for your child to become a video game designer.

This Game Development Training for Kids in Abuja Nigeria is aimed at kids between 8 and 18 and they’ll learn how to make simple games, stories, and animation using Scratch and other game developers tools.

Scratch makes it very simple for kids to understand basic coding concepts and to make their creations come to reality by just dragging and dropping elements and connecting them with each other. It is highly visual, interactive, and fun!

The course is project-based, which means we’ll work through actual examples that you can modify and play with afterward.

There are different types of games kids can develop

Cat in Desert

Wizard Boy

Zombie Farm

Ocean Story

Halloween Game

What your kids will learn in this course:

Using intuitive building blocks to visually craft simple web games, stories and animations.

Grasping programming concepts such as conditions and loops. Taught with a project-based methodology.

Make their creations interactive for the users.

Share their games and animations so that other people can play and modify them.

Most importantly, understand how simple it is to make their creative ideas a reality in today’s world.

In this game development training for kids in Abuja Nigeria, you will learn game development with Python using the PyGame modules and scratch.

Who this course is for:

Age group 8 until 16 years old

No prior knowledge is required

What you’ll learn in this Game Development Training for Kids in Abuja Nigeria.

Learn how to make simple games, stories and animations using Scratch

Learn basic coding concepts such as conditions and loops

Make their own games at home using free software

Understand the basic concepts and logic of programming

Build their confidence working with computers and professional software

This computer training and coding for kids training in Abuja Nigeria is practical hands-on training where your kids are well equipped with practical ICT and Computer skills for the future.

Upon completion, students will understand basic programming concepts and be able to make a variety of games entirely on their own.

 They will be at a much better position to take on further learning of programming and game development at school or at home. Bring your kids on board for the all-round development skills in the coding space.

We’re committed to providing you with the most up-to-date, relevant content. If one of our courses becomes outdated due to modern practices, we’ll update it.

 Often, we’ll even remake it entirely using the latest versions of the languages, tools and frameworks.

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Our courses have been designed to teach you highly transferable skills, and leave you with strong projects that can be added to your professional portfolio – whatever you want to do, we’ll help to get you there!