ICT Seminars for Schools in Nigeria

We strongly believe that awareness should be created for our kids and teens to know the wonderful opportunities in Technology so that they can make informed decisions, become tech leaders of tomorrow, and have a wonderful future.

The truth is that technology is has opened up a lot of opportunities for youths, unfortunately, most youths in schools in Nigeria are not even aware of these opportunities. This is the reason the THE MAKING OF FUTURE TECH LEADERS SEMINAR FOR SCHOOLS was created.


“The making of Future Tech Leaders Seminars for Schools in Nigeria”

Introducing kids and teens to the opportunities in the digital age

We live in a digital era where technology is at our beck and call., we have everything at our fingertips due to digital technology-“knowledge”, “information”, “research”  you can find everything and explore anything with just a push of a button.

But then, how many of our youths are aware of these. Even those that are aware of these opportunities in technology, don’t even know how to use it. unfortunately, those that are already using it are using it the wrong way.

Some just think that Technology and other digital tools are just there for them to do fraud.

This seminar is meant to open up opportunities in technology for our youths in schools, show youths how to prepare for the future, how to build a career path, the digital skills they need to be successful in the digital age. We also show them that they can make legitimate money on the internet. We need to show them that there are better ways to use technology, the internet to build wealth and not to go into fraud.

Our Youths need reorientation, and that is what this seminar will do for them.

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Why are Technology Skills So Important to Today’s Students?